Thursday, March 29, 2012

Oregon Supreme Court Set to Rule on MERS

So the majority of the state attorneys general in the US have rolled over for Wall St and ignored the mass fraud that occurred when it came to recording chain of custody to title/deed/mortgage documentation at the county level. Just for the record, our own Oregon Attorney General John Kroger also chose to sweep the fraud under the rug and signed on to the "settlement".

MERS is a sham property recording system conceived by the banksters, and it has circumvented local property recording laws that have worked well for hundreds of years. Nowadays? We have multiple robo-signers named "Linda Green" with varying signatures via shell corporations that have no real assets on their balance sheets deciding exactly who "owns" what real estate in our fair city. Legal chain of custody via county land records? Ha! That's soooooo 18th-20th century.

I suspect the Oregon supreme court will roll over and play ball as well. At this point, nobody wants to upset the apple cart that's already dripping with rotten apple juice. It's gotten to the point for the five largest banks in America, that knocking off your local 7-11 store for $3k in a robbery is routine, and the "justice" that comes via legal consequences are small fines for a few hundred bucks per heist.

Business as usual. Control fraud.

Good work if you can get it...and if you can get away with it:

"The court will have to determine whether MERS qualifies as a loan beneficiary under state law and whether it has met state recording standards.

"It has undermined the whole basis of law that our country was founded on, in establishing a chain of title," said John Bowles, a partner at the Bowles Fernandez law firm in Lake Oswego. "MERS is a privately owned mechanism, owned by the principal industry players, that have chosen to subvert the whole system of recording."

MERS said Thursday it was still waiting to hear details of the court's order.

"We do not have the specifics yet from the court, but we look forward to the opportunity to present the seven honorable justices of the Oregon Supreme Court with the ample evidence of the benefits and legality of the MERS model," spokeswoman Janis Smith said in a statement. "


The Oregonian




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