Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oregon Alert: MERS/Banks vs. Private Property Rights

And now we find the great Northwest smack dab in the middle of the battle over private property rights. Oregon has landed front and center in the lap of every voter who is, or hopes to ever be a "home owner". Does the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution matter anymore?

"A bid by major financial institutions to retroactively waive Oregon recording requirements blocking foreclosure sales appears in jeopardy but will get at least one more day, a legislative leader says.

"They did an end-run around a centuries-old land recording system guaranteeing that we know who owns the underlying IOU on our property," said Angela Martin, executive director of Economic Fairness Oregon. "They did an end-around around that and now it's backfiring and they want a do over." "

Hello Portland, Oregon! Does it matter to you that chain of custody/deed/title is controlled and judiciated LOCALLY, or do you prefer ex post facto laws from WALL ST. determining just "who" owns "what" real estate in soggy bottomed Oregon?

Those who fail to pay the monthly nut will lose the house, and so should all the skimming banksters who lent the money fraudulently in the first place. I have two words for both losers: Glass Steagall.

Securitization of assets failed 80 years ago. Shocker. Then we decided that it was just fine to start up the ponzi again in 1999 (sigh) . . .

Full details courtesy of ZeroHedge.com. Contact info for the legislative committee is at the bottom of the article. If you care - then act now.

Special thanks to The Oregonian for having the balls to actually publish something somewhat independent, and beyond status quo pablum.