Saturday, April 23, 2011

Squatters in PORTLAND?!?!?!?

Oh dear, perhaps the housing bubble is NOT going to be all that different here in Portland. Take a look at this SE Lents Neighborhood Squatter Story. And of course our local activist friends are popping up around town and encouraging folks to "reclaim" vacant houses in Portland. Wait? There are vacant foreclosures here? "Close in" Portland?!? Oh my...

"Look for things like Tall grass, overflowing mailbox, newspapers piling up are signs of abandonment. It is recommended that potential tenants look for bank owned properties. It will be easier when you are making your arguments for defense, and with the overflowing amount of foreclosures the banks have many vacant homes throughout Portland."

Now on a more serious note, remember the MERS / LPS mess, where deeds/titles/notes were never properly recorded at the county level? Where millions of documents were forged? Remember how all 50 states attorneys general were forming a modern day posse to go after MERS as well as to get some justice from those damn TBTFail Banksters?

Well it's amazing just how cheaply a state attorney general can be bought and paid for these days. Sad. Truly sad that our local property rights are sold down the river for a song. And still no bank executives go to jail.

"The numbers are laughable. In 2006, out -of-state donors gave Miller’s campaign $10,508. For the 2010 cycle, that number was $497,357. Three lawyers by themselves – Al Gore’s attorney David Boies, plus Donald Flexner and Robert Silver, all partners in the firm Boies, Schiller and Flexner – gave Miller a total of $60,000."

Someday, this bubble is gonna bottom......................