Thursday, November 11, 2010

Macro or Micro: Either Way the Math Sucks. Rule #1 is to Break Up Monopolies. Hello Amorica? Portland?

Clark county is clearly foreshadowing the greater NW Columbia basin's fate with respect to housing prices going forward. That which cannot be repaid simply won't. It's simple cash flow.

Clark County Reality Hits Close To Home

Meanwhile, another little ditty qualifies as one of the best pieces of journalism I've read since the whole bubble shebang got started back in the subprime day. Way back when states rights and county property recording were enforced. Remember those days?

Have you ever read anything on this blog that you valued? Please read what's linked below. I have no affiliation whatsoever with Mr. White. But, I was stirred by this piece. It's a slam dunk, feet in the air, tongue hangin' out summary of exactly where we are today:

Rule #1: by Michael David White