Monday, November 8, 2010

Lady Justice Waits...

The judicial branch of our government, and local/state property laws/rights have a major challenge ahead. Hundreds of years of private property law hang in the balance of our courts:

Bank "VP" Number 1

Bank "VP" Number 2

So sad, and yet so very real and true in Amorica today. Funny that we're not seeing many clips of testimony such as this in the main stream media? I wonder why the TV isn't broadcasting this sort of thing? It seems there are two justice systems in this country.

If you rob a bank at gunpoint, you'll be punished severely by our judicial system. Howerver, if you work for a bank and commit a serious crime or fraud? Well, there is a different set of rules for you that are much less severe in consequence.

Just look at Angelo Mozilo who netted a criminally cool half a BILLION in personal income during the bubble, only to be fined a small % of that in the bust. Today he walks as a free man in our society with most of his ill-gotten gains in the wake of millions of financially ruined families.

Even if you don't have a mortgage, you could be adversely harmed by the bubble. Are you a renter in Portland worried about your rental/landlord being foreclosed upon? You need to read this and educate yourself with respect to your rights.

Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve has gone on yet another money printing spree and continues to monetize the national debt, which is stoking commodity prices (ie: food/energy) by depreciating the buying power of every dollar in your wallet. Who will pay the most as a % of their income for higher inflation in commodities thanks to QE2?

Why the poor of course!