Friday, October 29, 2010

Zillow Ranks Portland #3 For Tricks and Treats!

"According to our index, trick-or-treaters in the West stand to bring home the most Halloween loot. Seattle secured the top spot as the best city to trick-or-treat, followed by San Francisco, Portland, San Jose, and Denver. In total, 11 of the 20 cities named were in the West. The remaining cities were divided evenly across the Midwest, Northeast and South.

There is a common belief that wealthy neighborhoods are the Holy Grail for harvesting the most Halloween candy. However, to provide a more holistic approach to trick-or-treating, the Zillow Trick-or-Treat Housing Index was calculated using four equally weighted data variables: Zillow Home Value Index, population density, Walk Score and local crime data from Relocation Essentials. Based on those variables, the Index represents cities that will provide the most candy, with the least walking and safety risks."

Happy Halloween Portland!

Be safe, be smart, smash out, and be very careful/cautious if you go out after dark, or especially if you go into debt to buy real estate these days. There's really no telling how this crazy saga ends with respect to debt/prices/currency. Most Amoricans have absolutely no clue what the "bottom" looks like, much less so how it feels on the bones...


Is the Portland Housing Market a TRICK or a TREAT in 2010?