Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Securitization Gone Wild: A Graphic Version

Here's a much more succinct version of what happened, and what's happening now with respect to the securitization of mortgages and the MERS system for tracking deeds and titles to private property:

How could something so lawless, reckless, and fraudulent happen with "the biggest purchase of a lifetime" for most Amoricans? How could our largest of large financial institutions get away with something so scandalous and yet so wide spread?

It's simple. See the green dots in the charts below when it comes to our elected Congressional officials and their largest of large campaign donors. Federal taxation these days is a certainty. Representation is yet another topic all together. There is no meaningful difference between the Republicans and Democrats when it comes to the the banksters and their campaign donations. It's obvious who runs DC these days.

Thank you FIRE economy!


Satirical images courtesy of WilliamBanzai7