Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Portland Neighborhoods by the Numbers

The Portland Monthly Magazine's April 2010 publication wades squarely into the real estate fiasco in Stumptown with a rather romantically biased look at housing. Most of the exposes and profiled homes/loan owners fall nothing short of hopeful editorializing on how THIS must be the bottom, and NOW is the time to jump back into the market. The water is fine? Really? Regardless, there IS actual value in reading the April 2010 issue.

The neighborhoods by the numbers section holds a wealth of data that is highly informative and entertaining for anyone interested in the real estate game. There are no shortage of examples to poke fun at in the data. Although Happy Valley, Hillside, The Pearl, Lake O, Sunnyside, Forest Park, and Centennial neighborhoods stand out with very interesting 1yr and 5yr price decline trends. Pay close attention to these areas for a taste of what's headed for the entire region.

If anyone has the extra time to put all of this info into a spreadsheet, please send me a copy. It would be really fun to play around and graph some of this data. As presented, it's in Flash format and is not readily selectable for additional analysis.