Monday, November 9, 2009

Thank God we don't live in Detroit

From ABC News:

Nearly 3 in 10 residents of Detroit need a job.

The unemployment rate in the city of Detroit rose to 28.9 percent in July, the highest rate of unemployment since Michigan started keeping modern numbers, according to the Michigan Department of Labor, Energy, and Economic Growth.

113,008 people in Detroit are without jobs, 277,815 people are currently employed.

Despite news of an improving economy, many residents of Michigan haven't felt the impact of the nation's stimulus programs. The state of Michigan has the highest unemployment rate in the nation at 15 %. Other large cities in Michigan are extremely challenges as well. The city of Highland Park had a 36% unemployment rate in July, Pontiac 35 % and Flint 28 %.

Portland is down to 10.9% last month.