Sunday, July 5, 2009

InFocus cuts more jobs

Layoffs have slowed but they are still happening.

From the Oregonian:

A month after InFocus Corp. got a new owner, the Wilsonville company said this morning that it will be making additional, unspecified job cuts.
The digital projector company was already in the process of cutting its staff by 30 percent. InFocus said this morning that it will make a "significant" additional cut in recognition of the poor "global economy and industry conditions." InFocus said sales in the projector industry are down 20 percent from last year.

InFocus employed about 300 at the start of the year, roughly half of them at its Wilsonville headquarters. The company had planned to eliminate about 90 jobs companywide during 2009.
The cuts announced this morning are in addition to that, according to InFocus. Many of these most recent cuts will be at InFocus' Singapore office, but the company said there will be job reductions in Wilsonville, too.