Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Scamps closes doors

From KGW:

All five Scamps pet stores in Oregon and Washington have closed after the company that operates the stores filed for bankruptcy, KGW has learned.

A lawyer for Norstar Inc. filed with the US Bankruptcy Court on June 15, citing the current economy as a reason behind the filing.

“It’s a difficult economy, companies don’t survive, “ said Howard Levine, attorney for Norstar, Inc.

The company filed for Chapter 7 protection.

Scamps Attorney Howard Levine told KGW: "All animals were sold prior to them (Scamps stores) shutting down."

In late 2008, Scamps came under fire for allegations they knowingly sold sick animals.

A KGW investigation revealed customers who purchased dogs that immediately had health problems. KGW discovered that five animals purchased from Scamps within the past four years had health problems that ranged from dislocated kneecaps to parasite-related infections and roundworms.

I always felt sorry for the animals in the small cages there so maybe this is a good closure.