Monday, January 19, 2009

Ten billion in federal aid could land in Oregon

From the Portland Business Journal:

Oregon leaders are racing to snag as much as $10 billion of President-elect Barack Obama’s proposed economic stimulus package.
Obama wants to invest as much as $1 trillion in “shovel-ready” transportation and infrastructure projects in order to create jobs and kick-start the economy.

Of the $10 billion in federal stimulus money that could land in Oregon, Portland officials expect around $847 million. The money will save 8,800 jobs. Possible stimulus-related projects:
$65 million worth of paving along key arterial routes.
$22 million in bridge repair.
$75 million for the Portland Streetcar loop that would link the Oregon
Museum of Science and Industry with the South Waterfront district.
$52 million for sewer work.
$428 million for water supply projects, such as replacing or improving the city’s reservoirs.
$86 million for parks projects, including the Washington-Monroe Community Center, and trails construction.
$101 million for downtown’s new Resource Access Center and a Veterans housing facility in the South Waterfront district.
$30 million for a new emergency coordination center.