Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Another spring thaw projection

From the Columbian:

“Springtime is when you’ll see things improve,” said David Roewe, executive director of the 960-member Building Industry Association of Clark County. Until then, he expects local housing starts, as measured by permits issued to build new homes, to remain sluggish.
Roewe predicted home sales would improve after the first of the year and continue to pick up in the second quarter of 2009.“Springtime is when you’ll see the release of money, with the new (presidential) administration in office,” he said.

I guess Roewe is calling for a national bottom because the new Obama administration probably isn’t too worried about the Vancouver market in particular. It’s nice to see the prognosticators get creative with the reasons for calling a bottom.

At least he isn’t pounding away at the usual UGB or migration myths.