Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tony Marnella declares the end is near

Tony Marnella has lost it! THE END IS NEAR...

What little our market may slide, if any, will be eclipsed by a rise in interest rates after the first of the year as the market tightens up. The next 6 months will be the best time to buy a home that we will probably see in the next 10 years. Second, the end is believed to be in site. With every report that shows that building starts are down, it should be acknowledged as good news. This means that due to the fact the building permits have been down since last November, if they remain down until next spring, we will be able to reduce the current inventories in time for Spring & Summer of ’09.
I must give Tony credit for qualifying his prediction this time. His posts typically claim the bottom has arrived and you should buy one of his new homes. This time he used the words probably and believed to leave some wiggle room for future predictions.
Tony, here are some other classic Realtor weasel words that will help you deflect criticism:
'We are hearing reports from colleagues...'
'It appears...'
'Many economists agree...'