Tuesday, September 16, 2008

650-Foot Waterfront Tower Proposed

I don't care what the current state of the real estate market is. This building is too cool not to build.

From the DCJ:
The painted steel tower, as it’s currently designed, would be 90 feet in diameter and 650 feet tall. It would dwarf Portland’s current tallest building, the Wells Fargo Building, which is only 564 feet tall. In addition to an observation deck, the tower would include a sky-high restaurant and bar, ballroom, exhibition space, an automated parking structure with 600 spaces, and support areas for park rentals, ticketing, restrooms and concessions.
If built, the tower could cost between $100 million and $120 million. Currently in the conceptual phase, the developers and MulvannyG2 have spoken to the Bureau of Development Services about the project and have been meeting with city officials. Once the team feels it has support for the project, it plans to perform feasibility studies to determine the location for the tower, which is currently planned for Waterfront Park.
“We want to wait until we have a specific site,” said Flynn. “We like the Waterfront Park idea, but there are a lot of stakeholders involved.”